Boxing Buddy

The audio training partner
in your pocket

Boxing Buddy running on iPhone 6
Boxing Buddy iPhone 6
A CHAMPION is someone who gets UP, when he CAN'T
Jack Dempsey

Boxing Buddy is your perfect workout partner. Using high-quality voice recordings of a professional voice-artist, Boxing Buddy will push you through your next punch bag session. Get ready for a dynamic, random workout every time! Coming soon to the App Store.

Intensity screen on Boxing Buddy
Choose how hard you want to train

Configure your workout - set how many rounds, the duration of each round, how long you rest between rounds, and the intensity of the workout.

Action words screen on Boxing Buddy
Pick the actions that fit your style

Choose only the actions which fit your workout. Boxing Buddy comes with 26 different moves which you can toggle on/off.

Timer screen on Boxing Buddy
A different workout each time

Once you start your workout, Boxing Buddy will call out your chosen moves to make each workout unique. The clear timer display is visible across the gym too!

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